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About Our Hearing Clinic                        We opened our clinic in August of 1999 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  It was not  our first  choice since I started  my  professional  life in Washington State, Working for Parke-Davis and 3M as a pharmaceutical representative. I  get to know  the  area and the people very well.  I enjoyed the professional atmosphere, the big city scenery and Seatle lifestyle. I consider myself a Washingtonian. So as the marketing director, I wanted to start our clinic in the Bellevue, Seattle area. Mieko my wife, who is a Doctor of Audiology.  Wanted to open the clinic in Dallas Texas because she knows the area well and is a graduate of U.T.Dallas. We meet in Wichita Falls, TX were I was relocated by 3M from Seatle, WA. .Before deciding were to start our business. We want to get another opinion.  So we travel to Fayetteville, NC form Dallas TX. To ask  my family, leaving in Fayetteville for their opinion. To make this story short. We open our clinic here in Fayettevlle to be with family. Were I grew up, completed grade school through college. It is an ideal place for our clinic.  With the location decided, we named our clinic Family Hearing Care.  Hence the name FAMILY (being with family) HEARING (the business were in) CARE (we care being with Family)
We're Raising the Bar in Our Area
Family Hearing Care
is dedicated to delivering a competitive product and providing a professional service to those seeking a high standard of service and value for their money. We take pride in our service and commit to a higher standard to improve the community and the business we're in.

We Give You a Wider Selection
At Family Hearing Care, we offer most major brands of hearing aids.  By offering our patients different brands of hearing products from major manufacturers, we are able to tailor our services to you. And because we are not obligated to meet a quota to use any particular brand, we offer a flexible hearing aid solution to meet your hearing needs and budget requirements.

J. Rabano

Mieko Tanaka, Au.D.
Mr. Ray
Mieko Tanaka, Au.D. — Doctor of Audiology
  • Professional Experience:
    Practice Owner-Operator of Family Hearing Care., Fayetteville, NC
    Clinical Audiologist-Head & Neck Surgical Ass. from 1989 to 1999
  • Consultant and Lecturer:
    Giving Seminars to the Japanese Hearing Aid Dispenser and Teachers
    Technical & Audiological Translation for Japanese Hearing Aid Manufacturer
  • Education:
    M.S. Degree from University of Texas at Dallas
    Doctor of Audiology at Arizona School of Health Science 
  • Professional Credentials:
    Certificate in Audiology by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    NC State License in Audiology American Auditory Society
  • Special Training:
    Tinnitus Therapy (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy by Dr. Pawel Jastreboff)
Mr. Ray — Marketing Director

After graduating from Pembroke State University in North Carolina, I started my career with Parke-Davis and with 3M as a Pharmaceutical Rep. Joining my Wife in the hearing industry and seeing the transformation people experience from hearing again has been rewarding and has exceeded all of my expectations.

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